Xemu XBox emulator for Mac OS (Download DMG) Microsoft

Xemu emulator for Mac

Xemu emulator for Mac


Xemu emulator is a free and open-source application that emulates the original Microsoft Xbox game console, enabling people to play their original Xbox games on Mac OS devices.

Xemu emulator for Mac


Open Source

The source code for xemu is publicly available. Users are invited to help improve the project!

 Cross Platform

xemu runs natively on Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. Pre-compiled binaries are available for Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu.

Networking is supported out of the box. Connect to other instances of xemu and even real Xboxes, locally or over the Internet.

 Gamepad Support

Built on SDL2, xemu supports virtually all gamepads. Connect up to 4 controllers at any time, just like a real Xbox.

 Snapshots (Save States)

No need to wait for checkpoints. xemu supports saving the current state and loading it back up at any time.

 Render Scaling

Breathe new life into your original Xbox games by easily scaling up the resolution that games render at.

Xemu emulator for Mac


This product is not affiliated with, nor authorized, endorsed or licensed in any way by Microsoft, its affiliates or subsidiaries.

Xbox game software sold separately.

All individual game screen shots or audio that are simulated by this software are property of their respective copyright holders and are only used in this app listing for the purpose of informing the customer of the software’s functionality.


Xenia doesn’t require any Xbox system files on the device.

  • CPU: quad-core 2.0+ GHz
  • RAM: 4 GB minimim (6 GB recommended)
  • OS: OS X – 10.14 (or higher)
  • Storage: 32 MB minimum

Xemu will check for the minimum supported CPU and GPU on startup and error out if one is not detected.

Make sure that you have the latest drivers installed. 

You cannot just remove the checks in the settings menu and assume things will work.

Xemu emulator for Mac


  • It imitates Mac screen to be an Xbox Gaming Screen
  • Added light application setting
  • The resolution is adjusted reckoning on the phone specs
  • Internet connection is no more obligatory to play Xbox games on Mac
  • Added external controller support
  • Improved RAM management system (only on OS X+)



This software is also available on the following devices:


  • Download .dmg file
  • Click on the file to start installation
  • Click on setup icon
  • Click Open to proceed with the installation
  • Select the destination folder
  • Run the application