Egg NS emulator for iOS (Download IPA) Nintendo Switch

Egg NS emulator for iOS

Egg NS emulator for Android


Egg NS Emulator is an app that allows you to run Nintendo Switch games on iOS devices.

Players can run Egg NS on mobile phones to play Nintendo Switch games, and it brings a different control experience to Switch fans on iPhone and iPad.

Egg NS emulator for Android


The Egg NS emulator was developed by NXTeam Studios in the United States over a period of two years, and is now available.

NXTeam will continue its efforts to optimize the performance, stability and compatibility of the Egg NS emulator.


You are legally required to dump your games from your Nintendo Switch.

Making and obtaining Switchdroid folder and game‘s ROM files is very complicated, and requires certain expertise and technology.

You can also find other players to share or obtain from other places.

Egg NS emulator for Android


Some games may be delayed or flashback in the process of running.

This may be related to the performance of the mobile phone, or it may be related to other unknown factors.

  • Device: iPhone X+ (or equivalent iPad)
  • RAM: 6 GB minimim (8 GB recommended)
  • OS: iOS 10 (or higher)
  • Storage: 32 MB minimum

Our recommended specifications don’t guarantee perfect performance in most games, but rather strive to provide a cost effective recommendation while still considering performance.

Egg NS emulator for Android


  • Fixed the compatibility problem of Pokémon Legends: Arceus
  • Added GPU 611 Driver and enhance the stability of some games
  • Fixed the compatibility problem of iPhone 12
  • Added Cloud Save which supports cloud backup and sharing save files
  • Added Cloud Patch which supports uploading and downloading game patches
  • Added VIP. Update Egg NS to latest can get a 15-day VIP
  • Added Game-sharing. Start the game remotely without downloading the game to the mobile phone
  • Optimized the interactive experience of the home page and enhance the stability of some games.



This software is also available on the following devices:


  1. Download AltServer on your computer:
  2. Install AltStore to your iPhone (or iPad)
  3. Launch AltStore to begin downloading apps
  4. Leave AltServer running, and AltStore will do the rest