GBA emulator for Mac OS (Download DMG) GameBoy Advance

GBA emulator for Mac OS

GBA emulator for Mac


GBA4iOS is an amazing GBA emulator for Mac OS created by developer Riley Testut.

With this emulator, it is extremely easy to add, browse, organize and with a compatible gamepad, play those favorite games (ROMs) you already own.

Simplicity and speed are big factors, but it is also powerful, being able to emulate not just GBA, but GBC and GB games.

The last version also includes numerous, highly-requested features such as Cheats, iPad optimization, AirPlay, Dropbox sync and more.

GBA emulator for Mac OS


One of the standout features of OpenEmu is how it organizes all your games into one unique, unified games library.

Watch as backups of the games (ROMs) you already own are gracefully added to their appropriate library and box art is magically added.

You can even create your own ‘collections’ mix and matched from different consoles.

Any generic HID compliant USB or Bluetooth game controller should work with OpenEmu out of the box.

OpenEmu now automatically maps controls for the following recognized devices in our database

OpenEmu is modular, and thanks to the work of other great open source projects, it can emulate a wide variety of video game systems (we call them ‘cores’).

GBA emulator for Mac OS


  • Game Boy Advance is a trademark of Nintendo Co., Ltd
  • Mac is a trademark of Apple Inc.


The emulator is capable of running most commercial games at full speed, provided you meet the necessary hardware requirements.

  • CPU: quad-core 2.0+ GHz
  • RAM: 2 GB (4 GB recommended)
  • OS: OS X – 10.14.4 (or higher)
  • Storage: 32 MB minimum

Our recommended specifications don’t guarantee perfect performance in most games, but rather strive to provide a cost effective recommendation while still considering performance.

GBA emulator for Mac OS


  • Updated the core to the latest version
  • Fixed some problems with gamepad configuration
  • Added new app icon
  • Fixed virtual-pad buttons layout
  • Added new features in advanced settings menu
  • Added local netplay support (now also for OS X 10.14+)



This software is also available on the following devices:


  • Download .dmg file
  • Click on the file to start installation
  • Click on setup icon
  • Click Open to proceed with the installation
  • Select the destination folder
  • Run the application